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The Station Community Hub

The teen years are a period of intense growth – physically, emotionally and intellectually. It can also be a time when poor decisions and risky behaviors may land vulnerable teens in the juvenile court system and derail their education and their dreams.

The Teen Action and Support Center (TASC) is a grass-roots organization founded in 2005 to empower young people to become agents of change in their own lives and communities. In 2016, TASC created The Station Community Hub (The Station) in collaboration with community partners in response to the high rate of youth violence and disproportionate involvement of teens in the Juvenile Probation System in Northwest Arkansas.

The Station, which is located in the heart of downtown Springdale, where the majority of teen referrals to probation and detention originate in Washington County, is part of a community effort to empower juveniles ages 13–19 who are at medium to high risk of reoffending to take corrective steps in their own lives. The program provides a continuum of services and support, including evening supervision and transportation by the Washington County Juvenile Courts, individual and group counseling, tutoring and homework assistance, computer lab access, life and job skills training, and community service projects.

“Through our collaboration with Jones Trust, Stitches of Springdale and other partners, we’re providing services that our teens need in our own community. So far, the results have been encouraging,” said Madi Hutson, Executive Director. “Only 4% of the girls who are involved in The Station and also the Juvenile Probation Department have reoffended, compared to an average of 25% countywide. Nearly 90% of the boys who were referred to The Station to divert from incarceration have successfully completed their court-mandated community service. And nearly all (98%) of the teens who participated in The Station’s teen parenting program have since graduated high school, compared to a state average of 38%. We believe our model for avoiding teen incarceration is well equipped to help communities combat youth violence and allow more teens to reach their full potential.”


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