Our National Accounts Preferred Provider Program Offers Many Advantages

  • Quality Retirement Plans and Services
  • Competitive Pricing and Fee Waivers
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Consistent and Uniform Customer Service
  • Growth in Membership Revenue

How do you know if our National Accounts Program is right for you?

If you have multiple agencies, chapters, councils, institutions, providers, members or national chain locations throughout the U.S., and you advocate on behalf of your members, they all can equally benefit from our extensive expertise with group retirement plan services.

Our quality retirement plans and services help you enhance your association’s membership benefits and services to attract new members. Our competitive pricing can help you maximize the purchasing power of your association in a way that directly benefits your members.

Providing a quality retirement plan and educational support to help employees plan for a more secure future also helps your members attract and retain quality employees.

We deliver a consistent, high level of local, on-site service for your members' group retirement plan and individual retirement needs, with educational support through our nationwide network of Regional Offices.

Client Testimonial

Peter Berns, CEO of The ArcThe Arc has been a client of Mutual of America since 1958 and has been recommending the company to Chapters of the Arc for more than 40 years.

We describe a “Preferred Provider” as a company that has products or services that are currently being used by Chapters of The Arc and that we can confidently recommend for consideration by our Chapters because of pricing, value, reputation, track record or other favorable characteristics.

In addition, to be a preferred provider, the company must be capable of serving our Chapters nationwide. Our recommendation is, in essence, that the company’s product or service is worth considering and that shopping around isn’t likely to yield a much better option.

Peter V. Berns, Chief Executive Officer, The Arc

Mutual of America has specialized in retirement plans and services since 1945 and is a leading provider of employer-sponsored retirement plans.

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MOA National Accounts Clients

Statements made on this website by clients of Mutual of America are not paid testimonials. These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients and are not indicative of future performance or success.

You should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the investment funds and, if applicable, the variable annuity contract, carefully before investing. This and other information is contained in the funds' prospectuses and summary prospectuses and the contract prospectus or brochure, if applicable, which can be obtained by calling 800.468.3785 or visiting mutualofamerica.com. Read them carefully before investing.
Mutual of America's group and individual retirement products are variable annuity contracts and are suitable for long-term investing, particularly for retirement savings. The value of a variable annuity contract will fluctuate depending on the performance of the Separate Account investment funds you choose. Upon redemption, you could receive more or less than the principal amount invested. A variable annuity contract provides no additional tax-deferred treatment of benefits beyond the treatment provided to any qualified retirement plan or IRA by applicable tax law. You should consider a variable annuity contract's other features before making a decision.

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