Mutual of America's Community Partnership Award

Mission Statement

The Mutual of America Community Partnership Award recognizes outstanding nonprofit organizations in the United States that have shown exemplary leadership by facilitating partnerships with public, private or social sector leaders who are working together as equal partners, not as donors and recipients, to build a cohesive community that serves as a model for collaborating with others for the greater good.

The Mutual of America Community Partnership Award annually honors the outstanding contributions that nonprofit organizations, in partnership with public, private and other social sector organizations, make to society.

Each year, the Mutual of America Foundation sponsors a national competition in which hundreds of organizations demonstrate the value of their partnership to the communities they serve, their ability to be replicated by others and their capacity to stimulate new approaches to addressing significant social issues.

From this group of applicants, an independent committee selects 10 organizations for a Community Partnership Award and produces a documentary video of the national award-winning program. The video serves as a valuable tool in the partnership’s efforts to expand public awareness of their crucial work and help them attract additional partners and new sponsors. Watch videos of prior national award-winning programs.
Since its inception in 1996, the Community Partnership Award has recognized 240 partnerships from cities and towns all across America. Like so many of our clients working in the nonprofit community, Mutual of America is dedicated to having a direct, positive impact on our society. It is with enormous pride that Mutual of America presents the Community Partnership Award winners for 2019.

If you have additional questions about the Community Partnership Award, please contact:

Mr. Thomas Gilliam Chairman & CEO Mutual of America Foundation 320 Park Avenue New York, NY 10022-6839 Telephone: 212-224-1147

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